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Latest Ms. QM News

[2/2023] Collaborative work (with Profs. Jian Liu and Haidong Zhou at UTK), Anomalous magnetoresistance by breaking ice rule in Bi2Ir2O7/Dy2Ti2O7 heterostructure, is published in Nature Communications.

[11/2022] Our paper (REVEALS collaboration), Designing a boron nitride polyethylene composite for lunar radiation shielding, is submitted in the morning of Artemis 1 launch.

[11/2022] Congratulations to Alisha Vira for receiving the 2022 Bonnie B. and Charles K. Rice Jr. Fellowships.

[10/2022] Collaborative work (with Prof. Walt de Heer), An epitaxial graphene platform for zero-energy edge state nanoelectronics, is published in Nature Communications.

[10/2022] Our paper, Anomalous temperature evolution of the Dirac band in ZrTe5 across topological phase transition, is submitted.

[9/2022] Our paper (in collaboration with Prof. Sergey Suchalkin at Stony Brook), Giant g-factors and fully spin-polarized states in metamorphic short-period InAsSb/InSb superlattices, is published in Nature Communications.

[8/2022] Congratulations to Dr. Zachery Enderson for receiving the 2022 ORISE IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

[6/2022] Welcome Grant Mayberry to join us for Summer REU Program.

[6/2022] Welcome Elizabeth Mone to join us for summer undergraduate research.

[5/2022] Congratulations to Nikolai Simonov for joining the Sandia/CINT Summer Research Program.

[5/2022] Congratulations to Burhanuddin Bhinderwala for joining the Purdue Summer REU Program.

[11/2021] Our paper, Magneto-transport evidence for strong topological insulator phase in ZrTe5, is published in Nature Communications.