• B-22/B-48, Boggs Building, 770 State Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30332 U.S.A. (Laboratory Phone): 404-385-8642

Research Areas

The current ongoing projects in Ms. QM include (1) infrared magneto-spectroscopy of topological semimetals, (2) band-engineering topological phases in metamorphic InAsSb ordered alloys, and (3) developing new materials for portable real-time radiation monitoring devices.

Area 1: Infrared magneto-spectroscopy of topological semimetals

Topological semimetals feature protected surface states and electronic excitations that only occur in solid-state systems with discrete symmetry. However, the topological nature of these materials is not only reflected on the surfaces but also hidden inside the bulk electronic structure. Since in semimetals, the surface-state conduction is always affected by the bulk states due to the lack of (bulk) bandgap, it is necessary to establish a bulk-sensitive spectroscopy technique that can provide definitive information on the band topology. Infrared magneto-spectroscopy is such a technique, enabling high-energy resolution and high-magnetic-field capability. The high magnetic field can effectively separate the optical responses of trivial and nontrivial bands in different spectral and/or field ranges, yielding complementary and supportive information to other experimental methods.

Area 2: Band-engineering topological phases in metamorphic InAsSb ordered alloys

In addition to finding a specific topological material at a specific location of the phase diagram, we are interested in realizing topological phases and phase transitions in tunable InAsSb superlattices and quantum wells through controlling nanoscale ordering. To characterize these materials, we employ magneto-transport and magneto-infrared techniques in a large parameter space via tuning the quantum confinement effect, the strain, the temperature, and the magnetic field. We quantitatively model our systems with the k.p method, which we have learned from some great theorists in the field.

Area 3: Developing new materials for portable real-time radiation monitoring devices

We are part of the Georgia Tech REVEALS team that investigates the Radiation Effects on Volatiles and Exploration of Asteroids and Lunar Surfaces. Click here to watch a video clip on the relevance of our research to future Moon exploration.